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Coach Lynn

Bryan Tay, 5 years old & Brandon Tay, 4 years old
Attended classes for: On going


In short span of 3 months, both my boys have improved their swim skils tremendously. Bryan can now swim a few strokes on his own, coming above water to breathe & Brandon has gained much confidence in water & able to hold his breath & swim for a few strokes! I must thank Coach Lynn for the great job as the boys previously also had swim classes, but it’s with Little Fins that I see great improvement in their skills.


Coach Lynn is able to include both fun & learning in the boy’s swimming lessons! And the  boys are always looking forward to each swim class! They simply love it!


Thank you, Coach Lynn!


- Michelle Chew (Mother)

Coach Lynn

Jayden Tee, 5 years old

Attended classes for: 2 years 5 months


Jayden was 2 years + when he began his swimming lessons. He has no knowledge at all and he was very afraid of water/pool even during showering at home, he detest shower on his head. However, as he slowly engage in swim lessons, he build his interest & confidence along the way.


Lessons are generally fun and amount just right. Instructress Lynn is a jovial fun-loving engaging yet firm tutor. Jayden develop keen interest of swimming under Lynn’s lessons and often yearns for more lessons.


I would see Jayden picking up the right skills and strokes under Lynn’s guidance and currently Jayden has gain a lot of experience and showing passion/interest.

Will definitely recommend “Little Fins Swim School” to other Parents out there!


- Kelvin Tee (Father)

Coach Lynn 

Kalio Sutanu, 6 years old

Attended classes for: 1.5 years +


Lynn has been a very dedicated & patient coach who helped Kalio overcome his fear of water in the beginning. Lynn always makes the lessons fun & motivated for Kalio to participate with great interest!


Kalio has improved a great deal over the course of lessons with Lynn. He is now a happy and confident little swimmer :D And we are very proud of what he has accomplished in his swimming under Lynn’s professional guidance.


- Doris Wong (Mother)

Coach Lynn

Alice Zhou, 6 years old

Attended classes for: On going


Alice likes her coach very much. She learns fast and happily. The Coach is kind and experienced, I will recommend the coach to my friends


- Jenny Yin (Mother)

Coach Lynn

Giselle Tay, 6 years old

Attended classes for: 6 lessons (School Holiday)


Giselle enjoys the baby pool but has fear of going into the deeper pools especially if she couldn’t stand comfortably in water (with water levels beyond her shoulders). I signed Giselle up for holiday private lessons with Coach Lynn to overcome her fear of the water and to acquire some basic techniques. I feel that the objectives have been met, if not exceeded. Giselle is now more confident and comfortable in the water and look forward to the swimming lessons. She is able to duck her head underwater and blow bubbles.


Coach Lynn’s lessons are fun and engaging, is she able to warm up and build rapport with young children very well. I am very happy to see Giselle progressing well after each lesson. She is motivated to stay in the pool after her lessons to practice some of the techniques that she has learnt.


Strongly recommend Coach Lynn to other parents with young children. I am sure their kids will enjoy the lessons as much as Giselle!


- Rosalind Lee (Mother)

Coach Lynn

Charlotte Ong, 10 years old

Attended classes for: On going


Lynn has helped Charlotte to overcome her fear of drowning through her interesting lessons. Charlotte now enjoys swimming very much.


Thanks to Lynn for being such a patient and encouraging coach!


- Constance Chee (Mother)

Coach Lynn

Sanvi Behl, 6 years old & Mother Avneet (Adult Class)

Attended classes for:

Sanvi – 9 months (2x per week)

Avneet – 7 months


It has been very nice meeting you. Sanvi and I are confident in water because of you.  Both of us were extremely frightened of water and from there to the progress we saw, we feel lucky to have you as our coach.

I would give 5 stars and lessons are fun & engaging with the right amount of intensiveness. Coach Lynn was able to build trust right in the first class which helped my child learn quickly. From the ultimate water fright to a basic level swimmer in one month was a progress only Lynn could get out of Sanvi.

Whenever we will restart the lessons again, we would want only you as our coach again. Thanks much!


- Avneet Behl (Mother)

Coach Lynn

Chrys, 24 years old (Adult Class)

Attended classes for: 1 month


I have no prior knowledge of any water skills before I enroll for swim lessons. In two classes, I have learnt to blow bubbles, to float and to kick in the water and some important safety measures. The greatest achievement is that I have surprisingly overcome my fear of being in the water in just two lessons!

My coach, Lynn is a fun yet strict one. She can be humorous, yet at the same time able to convey all the little details to me effectively. Lessons with her are very productive as I get to learn new thing and improve every time.

I will definitely recommend your swimming lessons to my friends and family as I am highly satisfied and had a good swimming lesson experience with you.


- Chrys

Coach Lynn

Bernice Koh, 25 years old (Adult Class)

Attended classes for: On going


I had zero experience in swimming and was terrified of water. I decided to join a swim course as I wanted to learn a life/survival skill. Lynn managed my expectations well and I am confident in the water now. I really appreciate her patience  & understanding. She’s very accommodating which I am grateful for. I would definitely recommend Lynn to my friends & family for the aforementioned reasons.


In 20 lessons, I’ve learned breast stroke, survival back stroke, freestyle, backstroke and threading water. Keep it up Lynn! Super thankful to have you as my instructor!


- Bernice Koh

Coach Lynn

Katherine Yarbrough, 6 years old & Isabel Yarbrough, 5 years old

Attended classes for: 9 months


Dear Lynn,
Thank you so much for the amazing amount my daughters learned in your swim class. I know Isabel was a bit trying in the beginning, but you stuck with her and gave her the courage & confidence she needed to start swimming. It is a skill that she will have for the rest of her life, and I can’t thank you enough!
Best swimming lessons ever!


- Jennifer Yarbrough (Mother)

Coach Lynn

Sonya Surayat, 30 years old (Adult Class)

Attended classes for: 7 months


Lynn is a great instructor. I was a “super beginner’ swimmer when I started learning with her. Lynn is always on-time, patient, professional, flexible, encouraging and creative in her coaching styles.
I would recommend Lynn to everybody. Youwill not only have a helpful instructor, you will gain a friend too. Cheers.


- Sonya Surayat

Coach Lynn

Darrol Tan, 18 years old (Adult Class)

Attended Classes: Ad Hoc Basis

 My Experience with Coach Lynn has been enjoyable and fulfilling.Honestly speaking,I was uncertain at first as I only had little knowledge about Breast-stroke when I first started out.However,after attending the first few lessons of Coach Lynn’s,my confidence in swimming started to boost up and I look forward to every week’s lesson. The strategies and techniques imparted with step-by-step guidance was indeed effective and simple to pick up.For instance,learning to thread water,freestyle and etc.With adequate practice and constructive advises from Coach Lynn,I’m able to confidently swim laps of Breast-Stroke including a few different swimming styles now.I will recommend Little Fins Swim School to my friends and families.


- Darrol Tan

Coach Lynn

Charlene Louise Yeo, 22 years old (Adult Class)

Attended classes for: 3 months


It has been an amazing three months having taken lessons from Coach Lynn @ Little Fins Swim School. I was a little apprehensive because I am in no way “little” and I thought that maybe this coach was more suited to teach kids! But I was pleasantly surprised with my experience. I have had swimming lessons before, but none can match up to the challenging yet fun classes I have had here. I have learnt how to perfect my strokes but more importantly I have also seen a breakthrough in overcoming my lack of confidence in deep waters. With proper guidance and frequent practice, I believe that I will be better just as how Coach Lynn has always believed in me. I will definitely recommend Little Fins Swim School to anyone who is just like me! Coach Lynn is very encouraging, motivating and she knows her stuff.



-  Charlene Louise Yeo

Coach Lynn

Xavier Lee, 9 years old

Attended classes for: 1 year 8 months


Xavier passed his GOLD swim test today! Many thanks to Coach Lynn for her guidance! We were very lucky to have Lynn as Xavier’s swim coach for the past year. Lynn is firm yet encouraging with her teaching & she is also able to bond with the kids well. Xavier was able to make good improvement in his swim techniques & stamina over time too! Kudos to Lynn!



-  Sandy Lee (Mother)

Coach Lynn

Nicole Chua, 8 years old

Attended classes for: 1 year 8 months


Lynn from Little Fins School has helped my 8 year old daughter gain so much confidence and stamina over the past 20 months! Lynn is very good with kids and the kids all love her! Very patient and professional too! Thanks Lynn!



-  Mavis Toh

Coach Lynn

Jerica Siah & Javier Siah, 7 & 10 years old

Attended classes for: 1 year 8 months


Coach Lynn is the 3rd swimming coach that I engaged for my 2 kids and she is definitely the best!! Not only is she able to connect with the kids immediately, she is able to pick up the strength and weakness of each child and work on them individually. She is firm with the kids but they love her to the max!!! Thank you for imparting the invaluable swimming skills to Jerica & Javier!! They can now swim with ease and perhaps, even faster than mummy!!



-  Wendy Koh (Mother)

Coach Lynn

Magesvary, 37 years old (Adult Class)


Lynn is an excellent coach who is dedicated to her students. She managed to get me to swim independently within the first 8 weeks of lessons. I was truly amazed and very thankful to Lynn for her constant encouragement during lessons.



-  Magesvary

Coach Lynn

Rachel Tan, 32 years old (Adult Class)

Attended classes for: 5 months


I wasn’t a swimmer before and were afraid of deep water but i really like swimming so i decided to find a coach who can teach me proper swimming.

That’s how i met Lynn, who is a really excellent and effective coach. She taught me how to swim in the proper technique and always being so patience with me when i couldn’t get it right and when I was afraid. She will guide and encouraged me ways to enjoy swimming, I will always look forward to our lesson every week because i can’t wait for her to teach me new strokes.

Because of her good and excellent coaching, I’ve managed to learn almost all the strokes witnin 5 months and now I’m able to swim on my own confidently. Ever since I’m able to swim, i have been swimming consistently every week and will never forgets what Lyn has taught me.

Thank you for all the effort in coaching and encouraged me how fun it is to swim! :)



-  Rachel Tan

Coach Lynn & Coach Angela

Charlotte Ang, 8 years old

Attended classes for: On Going


Lynn and Angela are really good with kids. My girl is rather particular when it comes to trainer for learning. Lynn and Angela manage to put her at ease and she really enjoy her lessons and looking forward to it every week! Good job.


-  Kathryn Goh (Mother)

Coach Lynn

Gan Hui Tao, 31 years old (Adult Group Class)

Attended classes for: On Going


Have been with little fins swim school for 6 months….my coach Lynn is superb….been very patience to slow learner like me…adopt different approach based on each individual competency level.despite attending class in group of 5, Lynn managed to guide each person well…enjoy the class….thanks Lynn



-  Gan Hui Tao

Coach Lynn

Nur’ain, 25 years old (Adult Class)

Attended classes for: 2 years


Lynn is a dedicated and patient coach. She had managed to made me build up my water confidence level and stamina over the past months. Lessons were catered to individual needs too. Thanks Lynn!!


- Nur’ain