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How can I find out if the Swimming Complex is affected my lightning risk?

Hello Everybody! This is Coach Lynn speaking.


This is probably the question that has been asked many times by  concern parents/guardians and members of public.


Disclaimer: *This information provided are out of my personal best knowledge about what I usually do on a daily basis & am not claiming any credit for it*


All the information below can be use to find out more about lightning risk / thundery showers. It also applies to facilities such as schools, swimming complexes, stadiums and places which usually conducts any outdoor activities & sports. If your desired facility cannot be found, it will be good to gauge from your near by schools & stadiums for more information. Usually lightning risk alert will be spread across about 6 km from where the lightning hits

(as shown in the blue/red circle later in this post)


Before I go through the steps, just so you know, as long as you see the dark cloud icon with lightning, it’s not good news.



Screenshot 2015-03-04 16.31.52


How? (Step by step)

Go to: http://www.nea.gov.sg/
Click on: Weather & Climate
On the left Menu, Click on: Specialised Services
Followed by: Lightning
Go directly to: http://online.weather.gov.sg/lightning/lightning/lightningalertinformationsystem.jsp


Click on your desired facility (Mine, will be Swimming Complex as shown in the picture below) and little icons will appear.


Screenshot 2015-03-04 16.32.06


  •  Click on a specific location you would like to check on and click “Create Alert”. A circle will appear and if it is RED as shown below, there are lightning risk. If not the circle will be LIGHT BLUE Screenshot 2015-03-04 16.32.54


  •  For Mobile & Tablets:
    Download “Lightning@SG” app.This is directly associated with NEA Lightning Risk system as well. (except that, sometimes it does not show correct/real time information)Screenshot 2015-03-04 17.28.16

    In any case, it will still be good to double check with the website above.

OR you may call up directly to the facility to check on the status because this might not be updated in real time.


Hope this helps!!