Swim Little Fins | Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
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What if my swimming lesson falls on rainy day?

For private lesson, you can liaise directly with your coach or vice versa with regards to your class status during bad weathers. Cancellation to be done 1-day or at least 2 hours in advance. After which make-up lessons will have to be arranged directly and in favour to the instructor. *If instructor has arrived at the venue, is considered as 1 lesson. Any last minute cancellation will not be entertained.

For group lesson, swimming lessons during thunderstorm and lightning will go on pause until safe weather conditions prevail. Lesson will be conducted as usual under drizzling rain.

*Do note that for group lessons, there will be NO make-up lesson, compensations or extensions for bad weather

What is the maximum size of your group lesson?

Singapore Sports Council policy is to have maximum 10 students in a group. This applies for both Adults & Kids group.

What do I need to bring for my swimming lesson?

You need to have your own swim gear, swim cap, goggles and float board lessons. Your swimming instructor may advise you to buy other equipments if needed.

What if my child cries during the swimming lesson?

If your child cries, it doesn’t really mean your child isn’t ready for swimming lessons. Your child may be adjusting to the separation from Mom or Dad, getting accustomed to the new surroundings, or just having a bad day. Give your child some time and let him develop his confident, very soon he will be able to enjoy this wonderful experience in a total relax environment with us.

Where do you normally conduct your swimming lesson?

We are base in Hougang Swimming Complex only.

However, we conduct private swimming lesson island-wide. (subjected to instructor’s availability) All we need from you is authorize us to access the pool.  Please contact us for the time schedule.

How long will it take for my child or myself to learn how to swim?

There is no fixed timeline for this. Everyone has different ability in Sport. Hence, they will learn in a different pace. For individual with water phobia, they will take longer process.

Why are young toddler/kids class have shorter lesson period?

Research shows that young children have shorter concentration span. Therefore they will get tired quickly and tend to reject any other information if the lesson continue on for too long. Keeping the class period shorter will keep their interest in swimming.

Do I need to be in the pool together with my child?

There is no need for parents to be in the pool with the child. They can observe the class near the pool.

Can I group my 3 years old kid with 8 year old kid together?

As they might be in different levels, we recommend to conduct the class separately. We might suggest a back to back lesson for your children. We will be using different syllabus for toddler and kid swimming lessons.

My child is Asthmatic. Is he suitable to learn swimming?

We highly recommend a doctor’s opinion be sought first as there are varying degrees of Asthma.

If I'm (or my child) not able to attend for particular lesson, will there be any make up?

It depends on whether you are going for group or a private swimming lessons. There will be no make up for group class. As for private class, you are required to inform your instructor at least ONE day before the lesson should you wish to postpone your lesson. ALL students are required to complete 4 lessons in a month.

Are the ladies’ classes conducted by a female instructor?

Yes, they are conducted by a female instructor and the classes are made up of only female students.

I'm interested to register swimming lessons. How do I go about it?

You can sign up through our website by clicking kids swimming lesson or adult swimming lesson. You may also email us at swimlittlefins@gmail.com to register!

Bring me to Registration forms.

I couldn't find my answer.

Please email your enquiries to swimlittlefins@gmail.com, we will be in touch with you soon.